Kerala Publications of West Orange, New Jersey, USA was launched in March 2001. EMediaUSA is,the media wing of Kerala Publications Inc. EMediaUSA publishes Emerging Malayalee, First Malayalam weekly online E-paper in USA, American Malayalee, First Malayalam daily online E-paper in USA and Emerging Kerala print Edition in USA, a magazine which focuses on the socio-economic development of Kerala.

    These online E-paper edition offers comprehensive coverage of the weekly views and news of USA and Kerala in the region and the world at large with special focus on all countries. The progressive and state-of- the-art daily/weekly periodical will provide credible, authentic and detailed news and views on the sector covering innovation and strategic breakthroughs, emerging trends, research reports and analyses, interviews with experts, institution profiles, course details, education news and branding techniques..

    Emerging Kerala, a comprehensive Malayalam periodical on business, economy and society, is the fastest growing magazine in USA and Kerala. The magazine provides credible, authentic and in-depth news and views on Kerala's development and growth prospects. International Relations, Politics, Entrepreneurship, Branding & Brands, Education, Real Estate, Banking, Finance & Portfolio Management, Tourism, Automobile, Art and Cinema Industry are some of the major sectors that the magazine covers. Emerging Kerala (EK) comes from the house of D C Media, the media division of DC Books, Kerala, Asia's leading book publishing house.